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Advanced PI Coaching


PI ONLINE Trainings Modules I - V

PI Coaching includes coaching with Dr. States monthly.

Monthly access for alll PI ONLINE Trainings and PI OFFICE while on the program.


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 Recurring Payment: $350.00 Monthly auto-debits starting 09/02/2021
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You will receive DropBox links for PI ONLINE Trainings and PI OFFICE. You will receive monthly access to both of these. 

Searchable digital PI Workbooks for each module are found in PI ONLINE Trainings. You will be emailed a passwords for access to the PI Workbooks you signed up for. These workbooks can be used for your online class tests.

Following the 6 months you may PI COaching ocntinues month to month until 30-day notice of discontinuing. PI Office is updated as needed and can be very helpful for your practice. Stay up to date on important PI forms.


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