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Cash Practice® Success Stories is our audio program where Dr. Miles Bodzin interviews Cash Practice® Members who have successfully freed themselves from the shackles of insurance dependence! Learn from these amazing chiropractors who graciously share their stories of breaking free!

Dr. Daniel Bronstein

Cash Practice® Presents - Dr. Daniel BronsteinWhy do want to move away from insurance? "After doing the math, we were losing money on claims due to billing costs, payroll and write-offs. Plus, the paperwork was a huge waste of time. Call your state association and ask them how many class-action lawsuits are being litigated against insurance companies for fraudulent denials, post-payment audits and mismanagement of cases by corrupt or misinformed QMEs. I was just sick of arguing with third parties and paying them to do work they should be doing on behalf of the patient."  Listen to his success story for some great insignts.

Started in Practice: 2010 (purchased an existing practice)

Before joining Cash Practice® Systems: 50% Cash Collections (50% insurance dependence)

Since joining Cash Practice® Systems: 100% Cash Collections (total freedom from insurance)