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Cash Practice® Presents

Cash Practice® Presents is our monthly audio program where Dr. Miles Bodzin interviews Chiropractic Leaders who are making a big impact! You will learn a ton from these experts as Dr. Bodzin asks meaningful questions that cause the leaders to dig deep and lay it all out for you!

Cash Practice® Presents - Dr. Fabrizio Mancini
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Dr. Fabrizio Mancini is one of the most well known leaders in our profession. There is so much knowledge and value packed into this video you will be glad you didn't miss it. Dr. Mancini discusses some of the characteristics of the most successful offices as well as the bad ones. He also discusses the future of chiropractic and how we can help bring chiropractic to the masses! Be sure to listen all the way through so you know how to take advantage of the free giveaways Dr. Mancini offered to our listeners.

Cash Practice® Presents - Dr. Larry Markson
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Dr. Larry Markson has been a personal empowerment, practice success and prosperity coach for almost 35 years. In this interview with Dr. Miles Bodzin, we delve into many things that Dr. Markson teaches. From taking control of ones own life, to learning all about how mistakes lead to growth, this episode is one you surely don't want to miss. "Hang out with success" in this call. Remember, YOU are responsible for changing your practice.

Cash Practice® Presents - Dr. Noel Lloyd
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Dr. Noel Lloyd Listen in as Dr. Bodzin interviews the founder of Five Star Management, Dr. Noel Lloyd. Dr. Lloyd is a leader in the arena of practice building and he delivers some invaluable tips in this interview! Learn the five things YOU need to do TODAY to be successful in practice.

Cash Practice® Presents - Dr. Stephen Franson Dr. Stephen Franson Listen in as Dr. Bodzin interviews the founder of The Remarkable Practice, Dr. Stephen Franson. Drs. Franson and Bodzin were in Mexico surfing together and decided to share some helpful tips for docs.

Cash Practice® Presents - Dr. Cathy Wendland-Colby
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Dr. Cathy Wendland-Colby From speaking to thousands at the world's biggest chiropractic event to having 3.5 million views on her YouTube channel, Dr. Cathy Wendland- Colby is the epitome of success! In this edition of Cash Practice® Presents, Dr. Miles Bodzin interviews Dr. Cathy so our viewers can gain knowledge from the master. We discuss how to live a life of service, how to make decisions, the power of our thoughts, what the 10,000 hour rule is, and how to gain confidence in speaking. So much to learn from Cash Practice® Member, Dr. Cathy!

Cash Practice® Presents - Dr. Daniel Knowles
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Dr. Daniel Knowles In this edition of Cash Practice® Presents, we learn about Colorado Chiropractor, Dr. Daniel Knowles. He discusses telling the chiropractic story and common mistakes that doctors make in practice. He shares his views on chiropractic students, today's education and tips for having a practice that is 100% Cash. Lots and lots of real gems here on how to free yourself from the shackles of insurance dependence.

Cash Practice® Presents - Dr. Jason Deitch
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Dr. Jason Deitch In this edition of Cash Practice® Presents, Dr. Jason Deitch speaks about spreading the word or chiropractic. Dr. Deitch is co-author or the best selling book, Discover Wellness, a sought after speaker, an expert in marketing with Facebook and now works with Life University on his newest project, AmpLIFEied. Listen and learn from one of today's marketing experts.

Cash Practice® Presents - Dr. Ray Foxworth
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Dr. Ray Foxworth In this edition of Cash Practice® Presents, Dr. Ray Foxworth shares his story on how he grew up with chiropractic and how he is making a difference for thousands of chiropractors today! As with all Cash Practice® members, I am proud to say, Dr. Foxworth has been a long-time client of Cash Practice® Systems. However unlike other chiropractors, he has formed ChiroHealthUSA - a company that solves a serious issue for us. Listen and learn from a chiropractic pioneer!

Cash Practice® Presents - Dr. Paul Reed
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Dr. Paul Reed In this edition of Cash Practice® Presents, Dr. Paul Reed shares his passion for chiropractic! I am proud to say, Dr. Reed has been a long-time client of Cash Practice® Systems and he embodies everything great about chiropractic. Learn about the program he started a few years ago - ChiroFest, the biggest philosophy event in the Pacific Nothwest.

Cash Practice® Presents - Dr. David Jackson
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Dr. David Jackson In this edition of Cash Practice® Presents, Dr. Jackson shares some AMAZING pearls of wisdom as well as some of the keys to having an EPIC life and practice. Want to see more kids? Learn the steps necessary in order to flood your office with pediatric patients. Communicating with a purpose, having undying certainty and being authentic are all HUGE factors that Dr. Jackson reviews.

Cash Practice® Presents - Dr. Billy DeMoss
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Dr. Billy DeMoss In this edition of Cash Practice® Presents, we are honoring Dr. Billy DeMoss. Dr. Miles Bodzin gives an insightful interview where you will learn about how this future legend first got into chiropractic along with some great tips for success, not only in practice but also for the profession. We learn about the future vision for Cal Jam and even get a sneak peak at next years event!

Cash Practice® Presents - Dr. Bob Hoffman
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Dr. Bob Hoffman Dr. Bob Hoffman is one of the creators of The Master's Circle and is a giant in the Chiropractic industry. Listen and learn as Dr. Miles Bodzin interviews him and they discuss how Brain Based Wellness plays such a huge role in life. There is tons and tons of great information in here. Be sure to listen and share.