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The Wellness Score®
The Wellness Score System

The first step in The Cash Practice® 4-Step Process is to measure and then track your clinical results. The Wellness Score System is an amazing program that allows you to grade your patient's overall wellness. It then lets you show your patients the evidence that they need your care as well as the progress they're making during the course of care.

If you have ever struggled to demonstrate to your patients their "need" for care, this is your answer. Rather than trying to "educate" them to make a decision, actually showing them "their" objective findings in a professionally produced report with "scores" and "grades" accomplished the goal much easier. What's the goal you ask? To get the patient to see the "value" in the care you are going to recommend.

When presenting your findings to a patient, the more you say the more it sounds like you're trying to convince them. This is the trap most chiropractors fall into when they're "educating" a patient. You say too much, you overwhelm them and you sound like you're selling yourself. Just stop it already! By using The Wellness Score Report, you can say much less and let their health grade do the talking for you.

Your Patient's Physiology Never Lies™

The Wellness Score Report

This program will help you define to each new patient the importance of objective measurements beyond symptoms. You will be able to show them how the objective measures relate to their own health. With clear, concise language and images they will get why "physiology never lies".

We offer over 30 different biomarkers to choose from when making your measurements. You're able to easily show your patients how their objective measures relate to their own health. With clear, concise language and images they will get why "physiology never lies".

The Wellness Score Interview on CBS Philadelphia

How do we know how to grade a biomarker? Each biomarker in this proprietary system is graded based on the scientific literature. You can feel confident that the score your patients get is "real".

For those of you wanting to add your own biomarkers, no problem! Of course you will need to know how to score a result, but entering the data to score a biomarker is fairly simple. We can guide you through the process if you need help.

Give your patients their Wellness Grade based on their physiology and you will help them manage what you've measured, a win-win for you and your patients.

Click for Enlarged Views of The Wellness Score Report

The Wellness Score Report The Wellness Score Report The Wellness Score Report

The Wellness Score Report The Wellness Score Report

Click for Enlarged Views of The Wellness Score Comparison Report

The Wellness Score Report The Wellness Score Report


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The Cash Plan Calculator®
Cash Plan Calculator System

The second step in The Cash Practice® 4-Step Process is to recommend long-term care and package into an affordable payment plan. The Cash Plan Calculator® System is the famous one-of-a-kind program that allows you to create customized, 100% compliant payment plans. It lets you create a custom contract listing the service your patient will be purchasing from you and then calculates the total fees along with their payment options: Monthly Payment, Down Payment + Monthly Payments or Pre-Payment.

You will sign up more clients on long-term care plans than ever before! More importantly, for all you wellness chiropractors and providers, your clients will easily transition to long-term wellness plan members when they complete their initial plan. This one benefit will change your practice for ever!

Life-Time Clients In The Click Of A Button™

The Cash Plan

It's soooo easy to create cash plans. With the Cash Plan Calculator® System you simply enter the services, fees and months. And presto, a professional, 100% custom cash plan is generated. You can enter ANY services or products for your plan. You can select which items to discount and which to include at full fee or no fee. You can even create a customized list of services for EACH family member (up to seven people) on one plan! It is 100% customizable.

The Cash Plan

The Cash Plan Calculator® System is the exclusive software for ChiroHealthUSA. What's the big deal? By using ChiroHealthUSA you can legally discount your services and maintain maximum reimbursement from insurance carriers. ChiroHealthUSA solves the problem of "how do I legally discount for uninsured and under insured clients". They also solve the issue of "how to keep family plans affordable. What they don't solve is "how do I collect the discounted fees?" The Cash Plan Calculator® System is the answer! When you become a member of CashPractice.com, we not only train you, but we will take care of the entire ChiroHealthUSA application process for you. It's a no-brainer!

The 7 Cash Practice Myths Exposed

Myth #1 - "I'm not computer literate!" You don't have to be. The Cash Plan Calculator® System is so easy to use. If you can follow a simple 2-Step process, then you can do this.

Myth #2 - "Don't I have to know how to be a salesman to get people to pay cash for care?" That couldn't be further from the truth. The last thing in the world you need to be is a salesman. We provide all the tools you need in order to learn how to do a proper case presentation so your clients want to sign up and are happy to pay in cash. Follow Cash Practice® and clients will have high value for what you recommend.

Myth #3 - "I tried doing prepays in the past and it was a disaster." Well that's because prepays only work for "salesman" and you're not a salesman. You don't want to do prepays anyway. They're one of the biggest sabotages to creating long-term clients anyway. We'll show you the BEST way to easily create life-time clients. Here's a big secret - it's not asking people to prepay for a year of service!

Myth #4 - "But I still want to accept insurance. Can I?" Absolutely! We show you how to still collect insurance money (if you want) and still have the client become a cash-paying long-term practice member. We've partnered with ChiroHealthUSA to allow you to maintain maximum reimbursement from insurance and help those without insurance afford your care.

Myth #5 - "What about being high-volume?" See as many clients as you want. There is not a right or wrong volume - as long as you're staying profitable and not giving your service away. We're not about being high-volume, we're about being high-value! So take care of as many people as you want, but always be high-value.

Myth #6 (for chiropractors only) - "Is it legal to offer cash plans?" The cash plans have been reviewed by attorneys and the California Department of Managed Care. They reviewed Cash Practice® plans, as submitted, and determined that licensure is not required. In California it is a requirement of the Board of Chiropractic Examiners that ANY cash plan be submitted for review by the Department of Managed Care. So all you California docs who are using plans better make sure they've been reviewed or you could be disciplined by the State Board for unprofessional conduct. Why take a chance with your license. Sign-up with Cash Practice® and know you are using a reviewed plan.

Myth #7 - "Does everyone have to get a year of care?" Absolutely not. In fact it was because not all people need the same care plan that the Cash Plan Calculator® System was created. You can use is for any length of time and any number of visits. So if you want to recommend 12, 24, 40, 80 visits or whatever, great! The Cash Plan Calculator® Systems lets you package your care plan in a professional way.

So Easy To Use, Anyone Can Do It!

Attention Doctors Only - There has been a lot of confusion among doctors as to whether they can do cash plans. Well as long as you follow some simple rules, you can. Your plan cannot be unlimited care. It must specify exactly what it includes. Your plan should only include care they NEED (do not recommend more treatment that necessary). Your plan MUST provide a refund for unused services if the client stops care. Your plan must be available to all TYPES of clients (i.e. PI, Insurance, etc). You cannot exclude someone from using your plan just because they have insurance.

The Cash Plan Calculator® System has helped hundreds & hundreds of successful service providers like yourself create long-term clients. Do yourself, your business, and your clients a huge favor and start using the Cash Plan Calculator® System now!

View Enlarged Views of The Cash Plan Calculator® Payment Plan

The Cash Plan The Cash Plan

The Cash Plan The Cash Plan

The Cash Plan Auto-Debit Scheduler™ Payment Receipt & Schedule

The Cash Plan The Cash Plan


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The Auto-Debit System®
Auto-Debit System®

The third step in The Cash Practice® 4-Step Process is to automate payment processing. The #1 reason people will drop out of care is due to the "thought" of money. Its not the money itself, its the thought of it. The more often you remind people that they're paying, the more often they will consider whether they will continue or not. Hence, it makes perfect sense that if you want people to stay under your care, you need to STOP reminding them of the money.

The Auto-Debit System® turbo-charges the Cash Plan Calculator® System by automating your recurring payments. Imagine if your staff could easily complete the ENTIRE financial transaction including: charging the client and scheduling all future payments, printing their cash plan and a payment receipt and payment schedule, PLUS initiate an automatic client education system (See Cash Practice® System #3) that increases the value of your service by improving your client's understanding of what you do, all in under a minute! Read on....

The Auto-Debit System® gives you the ability to auto-debit a client's credit cards & bank accounts directly from your cash plans with the easy-to-use Cash Plan Auto-Debit Scheduler™

Get More Profitable With Cash Practice®

How much better would you sleep at night knowing, without a shadow of a doubt, that your clients' accounts were being automatically charged? Whether you're open or closed, with or without staff, on vacation or not... Always! This is all without any ongoing work to process the payments. It is the closest thing to a money machine you can get.

Cash Practice Myths Exposed

Myth - "I don't need auto-debit, my staff just key-enters the credit cards into my credit card machine." Really? Do you really feel safe having all of those credit card numbers floating around your office? Do you really like to pay 1% to 2% higher rates for key-entering? Do you really like to pay for 8+ hours of payroll per month for your staff to process the payments? Do you really like taking your staff away from taking care of clients so they can waste their time entering credit cards? I didn't think so! Did I mention that is 100% ILLEGAL to store credit card numbers in order for staff to key-enter them? Well it is.

Myth - "I just have my clients pay by check every month." Really? Do you really think your clients will pay you every month when THEY have to remember? Why make it difficult? Does your gym ask you to come in and write a check every month? Does your life insurance company ask you to send a check every month?

Myth - "My clients all prepay for the year." Really? Do they all really need a year of services? How many have the money to prepay? How much of a salesman do you sound like? Would you buy from you? How many people that do prepay, stay with you for a second, third, fourth year? Be honest with yourself. If prepay clients were so great, then why do you still need more new clients?

The Secret To Creating Long-Term

Clients Is Auto-Debit.

Which sounds better to you? "John, great news; you're ready to go onto our wellness program. The cost is $1,800 for the next year of care", or.... "John, great news; you're ready to go onto our wellness program. The best part is your monthly payment is going down from $250 to $140". I think you'll agree that the later sounds much easier for John to do. And guess what? For most of your clients, its true for them too.

With the Auto-Debit System®, you can schedule weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual auto-debit recurring payments. In addition to recurring payments, the Auto-Debit System® has a Virtual Terminal & Simple Swiper™ that works just like your credit card machine. It even produces a custom receipt for transactions.

How much money are you going to collect next month? How about in two, three or four months? Wouldn't it be nice to know how much money you were going to collect months in advance? How would you run your business if you knew that your collections were going to drop in two months? How would you plan your vacations, your life and your marketing, if you knew exactly what your collections would be for the next year? With the Auto-Debit Future Stats™ you will know without a shadow of a doubt what you will be collecting 12-MONTHS IN ADVANCE. No other system gives you the information that you need to plan for the future like this.


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The Drip-Education® Email Marketing System
Drip-Education® Email Marketing System

You have to do client education in order for clients to continue using your services. No doubt about it. Do you catch yourself saying, "If they just knew what I knew, they would stay." Do you really think your clients can learn what you know in just a short time? No way! They need to see, read and hear the same message over-and-over-and-over and then over again before they really get it.

What are you doing to make sure you continue the educational process for your clients? Client education requires REPEATED exposure to the same message MANY times. Repetition is the only way to educate your clients so they CHANGE their behavior. Otherwise, what's the point? "So easy, even a caveman can do it." What comes to mind? My point exactly.

You know your education efforts are working when your clients' choices change. When they say, "I'm going to bring my kids in to get checked." Or something like, "I'm coming in for an extra adjustment because I don't feel good."

The problem with trying to repeat and repeat and repeat is you get tired of doing it, or you forget, or you just don't do it. What if there was a way to automatically educate your clients and you had no work to do? What would that do for your business?

The Drip-Education® Email Marketing System

Creates High-Value For Your Company

Welcome to the Drip-Education® Email Marketing System. It automatically enhances your client education efforts. Simply assign a pre-made email campaign to your client and they automatically get power-packed, graphically enhanced, educational emails sent to them (from you) on whatever topic you assign. This is by far the easiest way to continue your client education beyond the start of service.

The Drip-Education® Email Marketing System is the most powerful and useful addition to Cash Practice® for automating your client education and new client marketing. This system gives you the ability to automatically keep in contact with your clients. When you combine automated client education with automated monthly auto-debits for clients on cash plans, they automatically become long-term practice members. You'll be amazed at how easy it is.

We provide excellent client-education and marketing content for you. The Drip-Ed Campaign Library™ has email campaigns already created for you. Unlike other email systems on the market, The Drip-Education® Email Marketing System NEVER CHARGES extra for our email content. We provide campaigns such as new client education, new client marketing, birthday cards, and more campaigns are being added!

8 Reasons The Drip-Education®

Email Marketing System Is the Best,

Most-Powerful Client Education System.

Email used to be only used by a few people. Not anymore. Email has become one of the most popular methods of communication. Your clients love to send and receive emails. You need to embrace this fact and start giving your clients emails that they can forward. Your clients will love receiving educational emails from you.

The Drip-Education® Email Marketing System's automatic delivery system does all the work for you. Your time can be used for more important things - like taking care of practice members!

You will save a ton of money. Hundreds, even thousands of dollars will be saved in mail and postage by using the Drip-Education® Email Marketing System. Not only do you save money, but you get to stay in contact with your clients more frequently. When was the last time you got to do more of something for less money?

You dramatically improve your results and constantly increase your value to the client when you pro-actively send them meaningful information. Clients hardly ever visit your website more than once. You make it easy and convenient for your clients to learn and communicate with you.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, email is one of the best marketing methods available for keeping in contact with your market.

The Drip-Education® Email Marketing System automatically adds "Forward To Friends" and "Join Our List" links to all emails encouraging your clients to share the information you're sending them.

People rarely visit your website more than once. Place an email sign-up box on your website utilizing the Drip-Education® Email Marketing System's Lead Generation Marketing Wizard. When someone visits your website you can capture their email and continue to stay in contact with them (just like the box you filled out to see this page).

You will know exactly who opens the emails that get sent. The report tells you how many got sent, how many got opened and who opened them.