Standard Membership License - License for One Person with One Merchant Account. Member's name and company address must be included on account.

Corporate Membership License - License for One Company with One Merchant Acccount. A Corporate License is required if you want to display a Company Name on output instead of Member's Name. If you want your membership to be able to be used by ANYONE in your company WITHOUT identifying the output with any individual name, then you need a Corporate License.

Associate Licenses are used to add additional individual licenses to either a Standard and Corporate License. An Associate License must have a PERSON's name associated with it. Add Associate Licenses if you need to be able to assign Clients to more than one member as well as keep track of statistics for each licensee. Associate Licenses cannot be used to represent an entire organization.

Each Merchant Account requires either a Standard or Corporate License. You cannot have more than one merchant account per Membership License.

To change your license, go to [My Account] ⇒ [Change Membership].

The document created by the Cash Plan Calculator® System is Copyright Protected. As long as you are a member, you are granted license to use the documents for your own business/practice for the sole purpose of their intent, which is the formal agreement by your client to purchase your services. You are not granted license to use the document in any other capacity.

This license remains in effect for as long as you are a member in good standing. Should your membership end either by your cancelling or by This Website terminating your membership for declined payment, your licence is immediately revoked from that day forth. As such, you are no longer permitted to use any documents created by the Cash Plan Calculator®.

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