You may be breaking the law and not even know it!

Free Report Reveals: How This Could Cost You THOUSAND$ Per Incident

Do you store credit card numbers in your office so that staff can key-enter them into a credit card terminal each month?  If so, you have to read this free report now! 

Monthly auto-debits are by far the BEST way to build a hugely successful cash-based chiropractic practice. When compared to all the other types of payment programs you can offer your patients, no other system works better at creating LONG TERM patients.  We’re not talking about patients staying only for one year on a pre-pay.  We’re talking about patients staying year after year on your wellness programs.  That is what you want right?  Long-term wellness patients?

Then how do you legally auto-debit a patient’s bank account or credit card.  It’s more than just getting their permission.  It has to do with HOW YOU STORE the credit card data.  To learn how to get legal, fill out this form to immediately receive our Free Report – “Are Your Breaking The Law With How You Accept Credit Cards For Your Auto-Debits?”  This report reveals how you could be fined THOUSAND$ of dollars if you break this law.  It’s the most important free report you’ll read!


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